Keysight (Agilent) 3403C

RMS Voltmeter
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The HP 3403C is a True - RMS Voltmeter, measuring DC and AC - voltages within the frequency range of 2 Hz to 100 MHz. Full range display: 10,00 mV to 1000 V six ranges 3 + digit display. Ideally suited for measurements on modulated carriers and multiplex
  • True RMS AC+DC meter up to 100 MHz
  • six ranges 10mV to 1000V
  • 3 1/2 LED digits display
  • input impedance below 10 MHz 10 megohm 24pF
  • slow response time 10 seconds (0.1% signal value)
  • fast response time 1 second (0.1% signal value)
  • crest factor 10:1 at full range
  • analog recorder outputs
  • DC zero adjustment
  • max input voltage 1kVrms on any range
  • accuracy about 0.4% to 10% depends much from range and frequency. It's a nice instrument, the newer and faster collegue of the HP 3400A meter, possible to measure AC, DC or DC+AC. Today still a nice usefull device in every labority.
  • List of Options
    001 Autoranging
    003 Autoranging+Remote+BCD output
    006 dB Display
    Specifications & Attributes (Multimeter)
    Form Factor
    Volts (AC)
    Volts (DC)
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