Keysight (Agilent) 34420A

7.5 Digit nanoVolt/micro-Ohm Meter
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The Agilent 34420A Nano-Volt / Micro-Ohm Meter sets a price/performance standard in low-level measurement capability. The noise performance of the 34420A nano- volt/micro ohm meter is more than an order of magnitude better then previously available from Agilent Technologies.
Low noise input amplifiers and a highly tuned input protection scheme bring reading noise down to 8 nVp-p. Longer integration times improve noise performance even further. A highly-stable current source and the low noise input combine to make outstanding low resistance measurements. A wide range of temperature measurement capabilities are built-in, providing support for SPRT, thermocouple, RTD, and thermistor sensors.

  • Math/statistics
  • 1024 reading memory
  • GP-IB / RS232
  • Chart Output
  • SCPI and Keithley 181 compatible modes

  • DC Volts
  • 30 ppm one year accuracy
  • 100 pV sensitivity
  • 1.3 nVrms / 8 nVp-p noise
  • 1 mV to 100V ranges

  • Resistance
  • 60 ppm one year accuracy
  • 100 nOhm sensitivity
  • 1 Ohm to 1 Mohm ranges
  • Low power resistance
  • Voltage limited resistance
  • 2 and 4 wire with offset compensation

  • Temperature
  • SPRT accuracy 0.003°C +probe accuracy
  • Built-in conversion of SPRT, RTD, themistor and thermocouple
List of Options
100 100-volt ac line selection
120 120-volt ac line selection
1CM Add rackmount kit
220 220-volt ac line selection
240 240-volt ac line selection
34102A Low Thermal Input Cable
34103A Low Thermal Shorting Plug
34104A Low Thermal Input Connector
34131A Transit Case
34161A Accessory Pouch
34190A Rackmount Kit
34191A 2U Dual Flange Kit
34194A Dual Lock Link Kit
82350B PCI High-Performance GPIB Interface Card
82357B USB/GPIB Interface High-Speed USB 2.0
A6J Certificate of calibration - ANSI/NCSL Z540, printed
ABA U.S. Quick Users Guide (English localization)
ABD Germany Quick Users Guide (German localization)
ABF France Quick Users Guide (French localization)
ABJ Japan Quick Users Guide (Japanese localization)
E5810A LAN/GPIB Gateway
PS-S10 Remote scheduled productivity assistance. Select 1 to 999 hours.
PS-S20 Startup assistance
R-50C-011-3 Agilent Calibration - 3 years
R-50C-011-5 Agilent Calibration - 5 years
R-50C-016-3 ISO 17025 Compliant Calibration - 3 years
R-50C-016-5 ISO 17025 Compliant Calibration - 5 years
R-50C-021-3 ANSI Z540-1-1994 Calibration - 3 years
R-50C-021-5 ANSI Z540-1-1994 Calibration - 5 years
R-51B-001-3C Return to Agilent Warranty - 3 years
R-51B-001-5C Return to Agilent Warranty - 5 years
R-51B-001-C Return to Agilent Warranty - 1 year
RMKT Agilent Refurbished Product (Do Not Use - Certiprime Option)
Specifications & Attributes (Multimeter)
Form Factor
Rackmount ( /1CM )
USB ( /82357B )
Volts (AC) ( /100 /120 /220 /240 )
Volts (DC)

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