Keysight (Agilent) 3456A

6 1/2 to 3 1/2 Digit HP-IB Multimeter
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This microprocessor-based, fully guarded, integrating Digital Multimeter is designed for bench or systems. The HP Model 3456A measures DC, true RMS AC voltage and resistance. Measurement speed and accuracy can be enhanced for a specific application, using the HP 3456A's selectable integration time (up to 100 power line cycles). An operator can select up to 330 readings/second for high speed bursts or one reading every fifteen minutes for periodic measurements. Resolution of 100 nanovolts at 48 readings/second (6 1/2 digits) to 10 microvolt resolution at 330 readings per second (3 1/2 or 4 1/2 digits) can be selected. Transfer standard performance is assured with the HP 3456A. With good repeatability and 100 nanovolt sensitivity, accuracy on the ten volt range is ± 0.0008% +2 counts over a 24-hour period at 23°C ± 1°C. Four full-scale, true RMS AC voltage ranges are provided, with reading speeds up to 12 readings per second over a 10 HZ to 250 kHz frequency range. Best accuracy is 0.05%. Crest factor is greater than seven at full scale. System DMM Full programmability over HP-IB is standard on the HP 3456A. The front panel indicators on the HP 3456A display range, function and HP-IB status during remote operation. Also on the front panel is a SRQ (Service Request) button which can be used to flag or interrupt a computer. With the HP 3456A's program memory and reading storage capability, the HP 3456A can take measurements and store them while a computer performs some other task. Another system feature of the HP 3456A is its hardware scanner advance capability for scanned or multiplexed system applications. As soon as the HP 3456A's measurement cycle is complete, a TTL signal is available to trigger a variety of switching instruments like the HP 3497A Data Acquisition/Control Unit to advance to their next channel. Up to 330 channels can be scanned per second without computer interaction. Bench DMM With a 2 ppm stability, the HP 3456A is a true transfer standard offering either 100 nanovolt sensitivity or 0.001% accuracy. Other standard features include fast autorange and easy-to-use math functions. The use can scale, limit test, null and make measurements in percent error, dB and dBm, as well as convert thermistor readings to degrees F and C. A statistics function key (STAT) enables the operator to improve the HP 3456A's sensitivity, resolution and accuracy by averaging. Averaging reduces random noise fluctuations and improves sensitivity by a factor of the square root of the number of measurements. For example, for low level signals after 100 measurements, the actual sensitivity of the HP 3456A is approximately 10 nanovolts instead of 100 nanovolts. In addition, STAT enables the operator to recall the maximum (upper), minimum (lower), and variance. Calibration of the HP 3456A is fast and convenient since all routine adjustments are accessible from a concealed door in the front panel. Should service be necessary, built-in diagnostics and PC Board modules make the HP 3456A easy to service. Features
  • Up to 330 readings per second
  • 100 nanovolt resolution
  • Transfer standard performance
  • Fast AC
  • 100 micro-ohm to 1.0 G-Ohm measurement capability
  • Offset compensated ohms (OC ©)
List of Options
050 Noise Rejection for 50Hz
060 Noise Rejection for 60Hz
907 Front Handle Kit
908 Rack Mount Kit
H01 1000VAC RMS Measurement Capability
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