Wavetek 35XL

3.75 Digit, Low-Cost, Auto-Ranging DMM
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The model 35XL is the low-cost solution in performance, auto-ranging DMMs. This meter is encased in our small, popular XL size package and offers excellent 0.5% accuracy. The higher resolution, large character, 3200-count digital and 32-segment analog bargraph displays assure maximum readability. Measuring functions include DC and AC Voltage, DC and AC current, resistance from 320 ohms to 30 Mohms, capacitance, diode test, and continuity test. The meter features fully-fused current input jacks, incorrect input warning, 10 minute auto-off, and data hold button. Safety test leads, battery, Operator’s Manual, and an extra fuse are included. Accessory holster/tilt stand, H10Y, is optionally available.

  • Low-Cost, Small-Size 
  • 15 mm (0.6 inch) High Digits and 32 Segment Bargraph 
  • Reliable and Rugged for Field Service 
  • Fused Current Inputs 
  • Auto-Off Feature 
  • Long, 1000 Hour Battery Life 
  • Data Hold 
  • Capacitance 

Specifications & Attributes (Multimeter)
Form Factor
Diode Test
Volts (AC)
Volts (DC)

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