Anritsu 54147A

0.01 GHz to 20 GHz, Network Analyzer
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54100A series Network Analyzers provide characterization of devices such as amplifiers, antennas, attenuators, adapters, RF bridges, duplexers, couplers, attenuators, cables, waveguide transmission lines, isolators, circulators, mixers, receivers, transceivers, up/down converters, multiplexers, power dividers, VCOs, switches, and filters. Advanced hardware and software features speed productivity and improve accuracy. Speed tuning processes with automated bandwidth search functions. Fast recall mode quickly steps through test procedures and sophisticated limit line controls quickly identify conformance to specifications. Low source harmonics and high directivity SWR autotesters assure accuracy.

  • Fast, accurate measurement of transmission, return loss, precision return loss, SWR, group delay, absolute power, and distance-tofault
  • Crystal-based source for exceptional stability and accuracy
  • Built-in automation features including distance-to-fault
  • Built-in floppy disk drive
  • Rugged, reliable chassis
Specifications & Attributes (Network Analyzers)
Form Factor
0.01 GHz - 20 Ghz
Scalar Network Analyzer (SNA)

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