Anritsu 560A

Scalar Network Analyzer
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  • Frequency range: 1 MHz to 34 GHz, depending on the SWR Autotester and Detectors used (sold separately)

  • Channels: Three (A, B, R) with push-button selection of A, B, R, A-R, and B-R. Two channels are displayed simultaneously

  • Dynamic measurement range and sensitivity: A and B with Detectors (sold separately): 66 dB (+16 dBm to -50 dBm); A and B with SWR Autotester (sold separately): 66 dB (+16 dBm to 50 dBm); R with Detector (sold separately): 46 dB (+16 dBm to -30 dBm)

  • Offset control: positioning of A and B traces is independently and continuously adjustable over >±65 dB range. When trace is on reference line, power is displayed in dBm on 3 digit LED readout with 0.1 resolution. Offset is displayed in dB relative to a 0 dB reference level

  • Resolution: independent control for A and B in steps of 0.2, 0.5, 2.5, 10 dB per division

  • Store trace: stores displayed trace(s) in 1024 point memory

  • Average: averages data in memory with input test data and displays the result

  • Subtraction: subtracts data in memory from input test data and displays the result

  • Recall: Displays stored data

  • Uncalibrated sweep indicator: lights when external sweep generator sweep rate is too fast for memory

  • Real time display mode: horizontal sweep is synchronized with ramp from external sweep generator

  • Refresh: steady, non flickering display is provided regardless of sweep generator sweep rate. Vertical resolution is 512 points for single or dual traces

  • Refresh hold: Updating of display data is stopped, display is frozen

  • X-Y plot (real time): provides pen lift, vertical, and horizontal signals for X-Y plot, coincident with external sweep generator ramp

  • X-Y plot (refresh): display is froze

A Network Analyzer Test Set consists of a receiver/display unit, an SWR Autotester (sold separately), and Detectors (also sold separately
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34 GHz
Scalar Network Analyzer (SNA)

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