JDSU 500

Internetwork Analyzer
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  • Simultaneous LAN/WAN multi-port analysis
  • Gather statistics on all supported interfaces, media, and LAN and WAN protocols, including ATM
  • WAN protocol decodes: frame relay, SMDS, ATM, ISDN, PPP, ML-PPP, Cisco, X.25, SNA, and async/bisync
  • LAN and encapsulated LAN protocol decodes: TCP/IP, Novell, Xerox, DEC, IBM, ISO, and more
  • Frame relay DLCI discovery and statistics with expert analysis and real-time fault resolution
  • Capture, filter, and decode ATM cells in real time, at fullbandwidth in full-duplex at speeds up to 155 Mbit/s
  • Expert LAN analysis with Network General Sniffer
Specifications & Attributes (Network Analyzers)
Form Factor
Scalar Network Analyzer (SNA)

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