Keysight (Agilent) 8722D

50MHz to 40GHz, Microwave Vector Network Analyzer
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The HP 8722D vector network analyzer characterizes RF and microwave components down to 50 MHz and up to 40 GHz. This analyzer includes a fast-sweeping synthesized source, S-parameter test set, tuned receiver, and large color display in a single package. The HP 8722D is an ideal choice for cost- and space-conscious engineers in research and development, manufacturing, incoming inspection, or quality assurance. High source power and high receiver sensitivity combine to give the HP 8722D 100 dB of dynamic range. Choose the optional high-power test and insert a booster amplifier to provide up to 20 watts at the test port, and safely measure 20 watts at the receiver port. The serial and parallel interfaces support modern printers and plotters, and the built-in 3.5" floppy disk drive supports both DOS and LIF formats. Electronic calibration (ECal) provides fast and simple calibration with a single connection, using the HP 85097A ECal PC Interface Kit and appropriate HP 85060 series calibration modules.

  • 50 MHz to 13.5, 20, or 40 GHz frequency coverage
  • New processor makes measurements and data transfers up to seven times faster
  • Fast-sweeping, built-in synthesized source
  • Integrated solid-state switching S-parameter test set
  • Vecter receiver, error correcton, time domain
  • Up to 105 dB dynamic range
List of Options
000 Fast CPU F/W 7.xx
007 Mechanical Transfer Switch
010 Time Domain Capability
012 Direct Sampler Access
085 High Pwr S-Param Test Set Mod
089 Frequency Offset Mode
0BW Service Documentation, Assembly Level
0Q8 Factory Delivered Service Training
1BN Military Standard 45662A Calibration Certification
1BP Military Standard 45662A Calibration with Test Data
1CM Rackmount Kit
1CP Rackmount and Handle Kit
1D5 High Stability Frequency Reference
400 Add 4th Sampler & TRL Cal Firm
8ZE Factory Refurbished
AV8 Extra operation and programming manual
H85 One path High Power option S11 and S21 only.
RMKT Agilent Refurbished Product (Do Not Use - Certiprime Option)
UK6 Commercial calibration with test results data
W08 1 year on-site warranty converted to 3 year return-to-Agilent warranty
Specifications & Attributes (Network Analyzers)
Form Factor
Rackmount ( /1CM /1CP )
50 MHz - 40 Ghz
Vector Network Analyzer (VNA)

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