Stanford Research Systems SR780

Dual Ch, 102.4 kHz FFT Network/Spectrum Analyzer
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The SR780 Dynamic Signal Analyser combines high performance, low cost and all the features you need without forcing you to buy an array of expensive options. It offers 102.4 kHz dual-channel FFTs with 90 dB dynamic range, 145 dB dynamic range swept-sine measurements, real-time ANSI standard octave analysis, waterfalls, transient capture, and more, for less than half the cost of other similarly equipped analyzers. Whether your application involves acoustic measurements, vibration testing, servo systems or filter design, the SR780’s features, performance and low cost are unmatched. Features
  • DC to 102.4 kHz bandwidth
  • 90 dB dynamic range
  • Low-distortion synthesized source
  • 145 dB dynamic range in swept-sine mode
  • Real-time octave analysis
  • GIF, EPS, PCX, HP-GL graphics output
  • GPIB and RS-232 interfaces
  • Specifications & Attributes (Network Analyzers)
    Form Factor
    102.4 kHz

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