Keysight (Agilent) 11848A

Phase noise interface for the 3048A
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The HP 11848A phase noise interface contains the phase noise detecters and phase lock loop circuitry. The 11848A is an integral component in 3048A system, contains the phase detectors and phase-lock loop circuitry, with 3561A dynamic signal analyzer measurement software, A variety of signal generators can be added to the system to provide a low-noise reference signal up to a frequency of 2.56GHz
List of Options
201 1.5 GHz - 18 GHz Frequency Extension
300 RMB phase noise measurement software
301 PC phase noise measurement software
910 Extra manuals
K02 10 MHz Reference Source Only
Specifications & Attributes (Noise [Source/Figure Meter])
Form Factor
10 MHz ( /K02 )
2.56 GHz
1.5 GHz - 18 GHz ( /201 )

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