Keysight (Agilent) N8975B

Noise Figure Analyzer, Multi-touch, 10 MHz to 26.5 GHz

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Keysight (Agilent) N8975B
\526 - 10 MHz - 26.5 GHz Frequency Range
\B25 - 25 MHz Analog Bandwidth
\FSA - Fine Step Attenuator
\MTU - Multi-Touch User interface
\N9039C-3FP - Noise figure measurement application, fixed perpetual license
\N9060C-2FP - Traditional spectrum analysis plus many new and enhanced functions, PowerSuite (power measurements based on industry specifications), and basic IQ analyzer;
\NFE - Noise Floor Extension
\P26 - 10 MHZ - 26.5 GHz pre-ampliifer
\PC7 - Dual-Core High-Performance Processor
\PFR - Precision Frequency Refernce
\SSD - Solid State Drive
\W7X - Windows operating system

The N8975B high performance noise figure analyzer is designed to make fast, accurate and repeatable noise figure measurements. When paired with an SNS Series noise source and U7227 Series USB preamplifier the ENR data from the SNS and USB preamplifier data automatically downloads into the N8975B.

The N8975B has a multi-touch interface that allows stretch, pinch, and drag gestures. Most menus can be accessed with the tap of a finger without changing screens.

Noise source calibrations for Y-Factor measurements have been streamlined by allowing combined calibrations for up to 12 DUT setups in a single step. Saving valuable test time can be achieved for many types of DUT’s by using the internal calibration feature, which does not require a user calibration to be performed.

A built-in noise figure uncertainty calculator can pre-populate data from the SNS noise source, USB preamplifier, as well as all the required instrument parameters such as analyzer noise figure, gain and noise figure uncertainty, and match. Default noise figure settings offer simultaneous noise figure and gain measurements. By using Table view several measurements including Noise Figure, Noise Factor, Y-Factor, Gain, Phot, Pcold, and Teffective can be viewed simultaneously in tabular form.

The N8975B has additional flexibility with spectrum analyzer and IQ Analyzer (Basic) modes that allows customers to move beyond noise figure to further analyze DUT characteristics if needed.

A 26.5 GHz internal Preamplifier (Option P26), 25 MHz analysis bandwidth (Option B25), precision frequency reference (Option PFR), fine step attenuator (Option FSA), and noise floor extensions (Option NFE) are included a standard options. Additionally, a snap on accessory pouch to house the external USB preamplifier, noise source(s), and adapters are provided.

An external simulated LO to the input of a frequency translating device can be achieved by connecting to a Keysight signal generator over LAN, USB, or GPIB. LO control is adjusted from the N8973B.


Key Features & Specifications

  • Frequency range 10 MHz to 26.5 GHz in a one-box solution
  • Multi-touch interface
  • Includes Spectrum Analyzer and IQ Analyzer (Basic) modes
  • Built-in standard options include P26, PFR, FSA, NFE, and B25
  • N-type (f) input connector
  • SNS series noise source compatibility: N4000A, N4001A, N4002A
  • Extend the NFA solution up to 110 GHz with special block downconverters
  • U7227C 100 MHz to 26.5 GHz External USB Preamplifier included
List of Options
1CM113A Rack mount flange kit 177.0mm H (4U) - two flange brackets, 2015 color
1CN103A Handle kit 177.0mm H (4U) - two front handles, 2015 color
1CP105A Rack mount flange and handle kit 177.0mm H (4U) - two brackets and front handles
1CR013A Rack Slide Kit for 11in, 14in, and 16in Mounting Holes
1KBD001A USB keyboard-smaller keyboard
1MSE001A Mouse
526 10 MHz - 26.5 GHz Frequency Range
A6J ANSI Z540-1-1994 Calibration
AMG Keysight Calibration + Uncertainties + Guardbanding (Accredited)
B25 25 MHz Analog Bandwidth
FSA Fine Step Attenuator
MTU Multi-Touch User interface
N9039C-3FP Noise figure measurement application, fixed perpetual license
N9060C-2FP Traditional spectrum analysis plus many new and enhanced functions, PowerSuite (power measurements based on industry specifications), and basic IQ analyzer;
NFE Noise Floor Extension
P26 10 MHZ - 26.5 GHz pre-ampliifer
PC7 Dual-Core High-Performance Processor
PFR Precision Frequency Refernce
PRC Portable configuration
SF1 Security Features, Exclude Launching Programs
SF2 Security features, prohibit saving results
SSD Solid State Drive
UK6 Commercial calibration certificate with test data
W7X Windows operating system

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