Anritsu ML9001A

Single-Channel Digital-Display Optical Power Meter
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The ML9001A is a single channel digital display optical power meter. It ensures accuracy and linearity over a wide wavelength range and greatly improves measurement reliability. It also has an improved basic performance. For example, measurements can be made over the wide level range from -100 to +20 dBm because internal reflection in the power sensors has been suppressed. The ML9001A also has many new functions that make it easier to use than other power meters. It can be used for all optical power measurements such as optical fiber loss measurement and optical device performance evaluation.

Features: Enables high-accuracy measurement The ML9001A accurately and automatically calibrates all the power sensors within the specified wavelength range and ensures a ±5% accuracy at -23 dBm. It also has a ±0.15 dB linearity (-23 dBm ref-erence value). The ML9001A extends the guaranteed accuracy range of the measured values and enables high accuracy measurement. One power sensor for repeater maintenance and long distance fiber loss measurement.The MA9612A Optical Power Sensor has ultra high sensitivity. Its measurement level range is -100 to ±3 dBm in the 1.3 µm band and it can sense either continuous light or modulated light. A single MA9612A can measure the near-end and far-end outputs of a repeater as well as measure long distance fiber losses. Multi core fiber cable losses easily measured. For modulated light measurement, the ML9001A has 12 modulation frequencies including 270 Hz. This meter can easily be used to measure multi core fiber cable losses by using it with the MG9002A Stabilized Light Source (mounts up to 12 light source units). Interchangeable optical connectors. The optical connectors of all the power sensors accept adapters. This system allows the optical connectors to be interchanged so the ML9001A can be quickly used with various optical connectors. Since the internal coating of the optical power sensors suppresses reflected light, measurement errors are reduced in beam measurement (with or without an optical fiber). Reduced measurement time. The ML9001A has a much better response speed and stability than conventional optical power meters. With GPIB, it can measure at 30 ms/point so the measurement time can be reduced to less than 50% of conventional automatic measurement. High-performance optical loss test set. Stacking the ML9001A with the MG9001A Stabilized Light Source quickly configures a high-performance optical loss test set. Selecting various light source units and enables the ML9001A to measure all optical losses.
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