Keysight (Agilent) 10888A

Remote Control
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The Agilent 10888A handheld wired remote provides at-a-distance initiation of Agilent 5529A Dynamic Calibrator electronic components. The remote control provides a beam alignment meter and reset button, as well as a remote trigger.

The Agilent 5529A performs fast data collection and dynamic characterization of machine performance, including feed rate, settling time, and velocity profile. The Agilent 5529A''s high data rates speed and simplify analysis of machine vibration for applications such as drivetrain troubleshooting and predictive maintenance.

  • Includes RESET and RECORD buttons and SIGNAL STRENGTH indicator for initiating a measurement from up to 15 m away from the Agilent 10887B.
  • Simplifies configuration and setup

Specifications & Attributes (Optical Meters)
Form Factor

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