Keysight (Agilent) 70810B

Lightwave Section, 100 kHz to 22 GHz
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The lightwave section has a wavelength range of 1200 to 1600 nm, a detected modulation bandwidth of 100 kHz to 22 GHz, and a built-in RF amplifier.

The Agilent 70810B lightwave section is a lightwave receiver module for the Agilent 70000 modular measurement system (MMS). Consisting of an optical attenuator, broadband photo-detector, microwave preamplifier, and optical power meter, the module combines with Agilent 70000 series spectrum analyzers.
List of Options
011 HMS-10 Connector Interface
012 FC/PC Connector
013 ST Connector
014 DIN 47256 Connector
015 BICONIC Connector
020 System Adjustment & Calibration
098 LO (70900) MEM+ cntrllr brd UG
099 LO (70900) firmware upgrde kit
850 Wavelength Range: 750 to 870 mn
Specifications & Attributes (Optical Meters)
Form Factor

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