Keysight (Agilent) 81642B

High Output Laser Module, 1495nm to 1640nm, +8.5 dBm
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The Agilent 81642B Tunable Laser Source covers both C- and L- Band. It is optimized for testing optical amplifiers at high stimulus power, and passive components.

Agilent ''A'' Tunable Laser Sources can be upgraded.

The 81642B works in both DWDM bands (C- and L-Band). It has continuous sweep through full wavelength range, 4 complete spectral bands (E-, S-, C-, and L- band) coverage with 2 lasers, fast tuning speed with dynamic specification, high power optical output for optical amplifier test, built-in real-time wavelength meter, mode-hop free tuning over full wavelength range, and Panda type polarization maintaining fiber output.

  • Wavelength Range: 1495-1640nm
  • Max. Output Power: +8.5dBm
  • Max. Tuning Speed: 80nm/s with Dynamic Specifications
  • Wavelength Accuracy (abs.): ±10pm
List of Options
003 Built-in Attenuator
071 PMF, straight fiber interface
072 PMF, angled fiber interface
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