Keysight (Agilent) 8168C

Tunable Laser Source 1550nm, +2.5dBm

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The Agilent 8168C is a tunable laser source and is a basic tool for characterizing and testing optical amplifiers and components. The Agilent 8168C operates in the 1550 nm window. A built-in side mode filter ensures that a a true single-mode laser line is generated for every wavelength point, eliminating any possible multimoding. The 8168C provides independent control of output power and wavelength. The user does not need to monitor values with additional instruments. Wavelength scans, which require an output power that is stable over time and flat across all wavelengths, can be performed reliable, accurately and quickly.

Agilent (HP) 8168C Tunable Laser Source

  • Wavelength Range: 1470nm to 1580nm
  • Wavelength Accuracy: less than ±0.lnm
  • Wavelength resolution: .001nm, 125MHz at 1550nm
  • Maximum output power: +4dBm.
List of Options
003 Built-in Variable Attenuator
007 Polarization Maintaining Fiber
021 Straight Contact Output Connector
022 Angled Contact Output Connector
023 Angled Non-Contact Output Connector (Diamond HMS-10/HP/HRL)

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