Thor Labs ASE-FL7002

1530nm to 1610nm - White Light Test Source
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The ASE-FL7002 White Light Test Source produces a broadband output spectrum of amplified spontaneous emission (ASE) ranging from 1530nm to 1610nm. It is constructed from a single Er-doped fluoride fiber optically pumped by a single laser diode. These units exhibit excellent wavelength and power stability. The power stability specification of ±0.001dB typical (±0.005dB maximum) measured over a 15 minute interval is the best in the industry. The ASE-FL7002 series ASE test sources are designed to perform well beyond the industry standard. Key features of all the ASE models include low intensity noise, broadband output, and exceptional wavelength stability.
  • Covers Both C & L Bands
  • Innovative Active Stabilization
  • Superior Long-Term Power Stability
  • No Need for Frequent Recalibration
  • High Power: >+13dBm (20mW)

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