Anritsu MS9710B

0.6 to 1.75um Optical Spectrum Analyzer
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The MS9710B provides excellent wavelength accuracy and waveform shape. This OSA features improved wavelength accuracy, resolution bandwidth and signal to noise averaging. The diffraction grating spectrum analyzer covers a wide range from 600 to 1750nm. The MS9710B features high power level accuracy, wide dynamic range and high reception sensitivity. Features Improved signal-to-noise measurement with left and right noise floor averaging Tracking function with tunable laser source Built-in attenuator for high power optical input Optional built-in light source and reference wavelength VGA output connector
List of Options
02 White light source
03 Wavelength Reference light source
05 Wavelength reference light source
06 Monitor Output
10 Functional addition (Frequency display, table display)
13 Wavelength reference & SLD light source
14 SLD light source
25 FC-APC connector*3
26 SC-APC connector*3
27 E2000 connector*3
31 EC (Radial) connector*3
37 FC connector*4
38 ST connector*4
39 DIN connector*4
40 SC connector*4
43 HMS-10/A connector*4
47 HRL-10 connector*3

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