BK Precision 5105

100MHz,40MS/s,Programmable Digital Oscilloscopes
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  • 1GS/s Real time sampling
  • Auto set
  • Save/recall
  • Readout cursors
  • Time base 50s to 5ns
  • 8-Bit low noise flash A/D converters
  • Pre and post trigger – 100% to +400%
  • Acquisition modes: Single Event, Refresh, Average, Envelope, Roll, Peak-Detect
  • On screen Help

  • RS-232 Interface Advantages of Analog over Digital:
  • Analog scopes display signals in real time.
  • Analog scopes can catch "rare events" that DSOs can miss due to their sampling rate limitations.
  • Analog scope are not limited in vertical resolution by 8 or 12 bit A/D converters that can lose signal details during the digitizing process.
  • Analog copes have a frequency response which closely follows the Gaussian curve, this means in practice that frequencies far beyond the -3dB frequency will be shown. The amplitude will be reduced but they will be shown.

  • Advantages of the added digital operation:
  • Capture and storage of single events for event analysis
  • There will be no screen flicker with very low frequency signals.
  • Fast signals with a low repetition rate response and low duty cycle can be displayed with high intensity
Specifications & Attributes (Oscilloscopes)
Form Factor
40 Mhz
Sample Rate
40 MS/s
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