Instek GDS-3504

500MHz, 4-Channel, Visual Persistence Oscilloscope
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The Instek GDS-3504, 500MHz , 4 Ch Digital Storage Oscilloscope (DSO) has been added to the series to expand its performance coverage with a higher bandwidth and a higher sampling rate per channel. While retaining all the features of the Instek GDS 3000 Series family, the GDS 3504 with 4 channel inputs offer enhanced bandwidth and sampling rate, both carrying a high performance of 500MHz bandwidth, and 4GSa/s sampling (2GSa/s sampling per channel).

The extension of bandwidth to 500MHz and sampling rate to 2GSa/s per channel allows the new DSOs to better fit applications that require higher speed and higher time resolution waveform analysis. The Visual Persistence Oscilloscope (VPO) feature of the Instek 3504 500MHz digital storage oscilloscope that enables the GDS-3000 series to acquire less-frequently-occurred signals now displays more value in capturing higher speed spike or glitch signals over a higher bandwidth testing platform.

  • Adopts VPO signal processing technology for multi-grayscale waveform display
  • Unique split screen allows each input channel to be operated independently with respective setting and waveform display
  • Offers various trigger functions including Video, Pulse Width, Runt, Rise Time & Fall Time (specific time length), Alternate, Delay by Time, Delay by Event, and Hold-Off
  • Auto range function continuously tracks the input signal variation, and automatically adjusts the time base and/or the vertical scale
  • Window zoom function provides dual display mode to show the main waveform and the magnified section of zoomed-in waveform at the same time
  • Serial Bus Analysis software carries complete analysis tools for triggering and decoding of commonly used serial bus interfaces including I²C, SPI and UART
  • Optional power analysis software for power supply measurements
  • Multiple interfaces include two high-speed USB 2.0 host ports, USB device port, RS-232 and LAN interfaces, SVGA video output port, and GPIB to USB adaptor

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