Instek GOS-6112

100 MHz, Analog Oscilloscope
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  • Features:
    • 100 MHz, Dual Channel, Delayed Sweep
    • Cursor Readout with 7 Measurements
    • Panel Setup Lock of Digital-Control Functions
    • Buzzer Alarm
    • LED Indicators
    • TV Synchronization
    • Trigger Signal Output
    • Z-Axis Modulation Input
    • SMD Technology, High Stability and Reliability
  • Available Options:
    • Opt. 001: GTC-001 Instrument Cart, 450(W) x 430(D) mm
    • Opt. 002: GTC-002 Instrument Cart, 330(W) x 430(D) mm
  • Standard Accessories:
    • Instruction manual x 1
    • Power cord x 1
    • LF-210E Probe (10:1/1:1) x 2

The GOS-6112 is a 100MHz, two-channel, dual-sweep, portable oscilloscope for general purpose use. A microprocessor-based operating system controls most of the functions of the instrument, including cursor readout and digitized panel setting. On-screen alphanumeric readout and cursor function for voltage, time, frequency and phase measurem
Specifications & Attributes (Oscilloscopes)
Form Factor
100 Mhz
2 Ch

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