Keysight (Agilent) 54620A

16 Channel Logic Analyzer
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The Agilent 54620A logic analyzer looks, feels and runs like a scope because you told us to design it that way. You told us you liked the troubleshooting benefits of logic analysis but didn''t have the time to learn a traditional logic analyzer (and relearn it every time you had to use it again). So we built the Agilent 54620A on a scope platform with a familiar front panel and a fast, responsive display. Now you can stop trying to troubleshoot complex digital circuits with your scope -- and you won''t have to get a graduate degree in logic analysis.

  • 16 timing channels
  • Maximum sample rate: 500 MSa/s
  • 3.5 ns Glitch Capture
  • Autoscale instantly shows you all active signals, scaled for easy viewing
  • Triggering modes: edge, pattern and advanced (including duration times and sequences)
  • Trigger on all input lines and external trigger
  • Automated measurements of frequency, period, duty cycle, ± width, delay, and setup and hold time

List of Options
001 Display EMI Shield (HP 54600-68703)
0B0 Do not include manuals
101 Accesory Pouch and Front-Panel Cover (HP 10098A)
103 Operator training kit
104 Carrying Case (HP 1185A)
106 Benchlink Software (HP 34810B)
1CM Rackmount Kit
Specifications & Attributes (Oscilloscopes)
Form Factor
Rackmount ( /1CM )
Specifications & Attributes (Logic Analyzers)
16 Ch
Specifications & Attributes (Oscilloscopes)
16 Ch
Sample Rate
500 MS/s

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