Keysight (Agilent) 54832B

Infiniium Oscilloscope: 4 Channels, 1GHz, up to 4 GSa/s
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The Agilent Infiniium 54832B provides the performance you need for your most demanding signals. The 54832B is a next-generation, MegaZoom deep memory oscilloscope, now available up to an unprecedented 128 Mpts that provides fast waveform update rates and instant response to control changes, even with the deepest memory being acquired. 1 GHz bandwidth and a sample rate of up to 4 GSa/s ensure fast, accurate capture of your waveforms.

  • 1-GHz Bandwidth Oscilloscope
  • 4 channels
  • Up to 4 GSa/s sample rate
  • Up to 128 Mpts optional memory, also available as after-purchase upgrades
  • Standard 4 Mpts memory
  • Simple, analog-like front panel with Windows® GUI
  • Time correlation option for the 16900/16700/1680/1690 Series logic analyzer and scope
  • Web-enabled remote control and email on trigger
  • Passive probes must be ordered separately
  • E2681A EZJIT Jitter Analysis Software Option
  • N5384A High-Speed Serial Data Analysis with Clock Recovery Software Option
  • N5391A Low-Speed Serial Data Analysis Option for I2C and SPI
  • E2698A Ethernet Mask Testing Option
  • E2683A USB 2.0 Compliance Test Option
  • E2625A Communications Mask Test Kit Option
  • E2682A VoiceControl Option for hands-free operation
  • E2699A My Infiniium Integration Package Option
  • 1130A Series InfiniiMax 1.5 GHz Probe
List of Options
001 Provides 2 Additional 1165A Probes
002 Add One Each 1162A Probe
003 High-Speed SDA and Clock Recovery (installed)
004 Provides Four 1165A Probes
006 Application Integration Pacakge (My Infiniium installed)
007 Add Wedge Kit
008 1153A 200 MHz Differential Probe
009 1154A 500 MHz Differential Probe
010 1159A 1 GHz Differential Probe
011 1155A 750 MHz Active Probe
012 1156A 1.5 GHz Active Probe
015 EZJIT jitter analysis software package (installed)
016 EZ Probe Positioner
017 Removable hard drive for Infiniium 54830 series oscilloscopes
018 Standard hard drive for Infiniium 54830 series oscilloscopes
019 1.5 GHz InfiniiMax differential probe (includes E2675A)
021 Low-Speed SDA (installed)
040 Memory Upgrade 2M/CH to 4M/CH
080 Memory Upgrade 2M/CH to 8M/CH
0B3 Service Manual
0BF Programming Reference Manuals
1147A 50 MHz/15A AC/DC Current Probe
1157A Active Probe, 2.5 GHz
1158A Active Probe, 4 GHz
1165A Miniature Passive Probe, 10:1, 10 MOhm, 1.5m
160 Memory Upgrade 2M/CH to 16M/CH
1CM Rackmount Kit
200 Voice Control for Infiniium Oscilloscopes
320 Memory Upgrade 2M/CH to 32M/CH
640 Memory Upgrade 2M/CH to 64M/CH
917 Power Crd - South Africa and India
A6J ANSI Z540 compliant calibration with test data
AB2 China Quick Users Guide (Chinese localization)
ABJ Japan Quick Users Guide (Japanese localization)
B30 USB Test Option
RMKT Agilent Refurbished Product (Do Not Use - Certiprime Option)
UL9 Cordless Trackball
Specifications & Attributes (Oscilloscopes)
Form Factor
Rackmount ( /1CM )
50 MHz ( /1147A )
1 Ghz
2.5 GHz ( /1157A )
4 GHz ( /1158A )
4 Ch
Sample Rate
4 GSa/s
Digital Storage (DSO)

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