LeCroy 9354M

4Ch 500MHz 2GS/s Digital Oscilloscopes
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High speed and long memory make this family the ideal 500 MHz general-purpose Digital Storage Oscilloscopes. Two and four channel simultaneous sampling at 500 MS/s meets demanding high-speed design applications. Even faster sampling may be achieved by combining channels, up to a maximum of 2 GS/s. Acquisition memories may also be combined, providing up to 8 M points of continuous or segmented waveform recording. Repetitive signals are digitized at up to 10 GS/s. A unique peak detect scheme triggers on glitches down to 1ns and keeps the ADC sampling at 2.5 ns - even at slow time bases - without destroying the underlying data. This provides circuit designers with the benefits of peak detection without any loss of precision. Live waveforms on the main timebase may be viewed simultaneously with up to 3 expansions, showing all of the signal detail. Expansions are shown as highlights on the main trace. Each zoomed detail may be expanded horizontally and vertically as required. SMART Trigger modes like Glitch, Pattern, Dropout and TV allow you to capture precisely the events of interest. Pre- and Post-Trigger delay, and Time and Events Holdoff are also standard. The 9350A family features the proven user-interface of LeCroy's portable scopes. A bright 9" CRT allows optimum waveform viewing on a high resolution 810 x 696 pixel screen. Menus and text are arranged around the graticules - they never overwrite the waveforms. Dedicated control knobs keep the scope's performance at your fingertips. A comprehensive range of signal processing functions including FFT and Math on live or stored waveforms, allows extensive waveform manipulation. Up to 16 MBytes of RAM are standard allowing advanced processing including FFT's up to 1 Mpoint. For the most powerful processing in the industry, a 64 MByte RAM option is available. DOS compatible floppy disk, PCMCIA portable hard drive and memory card options store waveforms and test setups, and simplify data transfer to any PC. An optional high resolution graphics printer is also available. Main Features
  • Two and Four Channel versions
  • Up to 8M Point record length
  • DOS Compatible Floppy Disk, PCMCIA potable hard drive and Memory Card options
  • Innovative Peak Detect Mode
  • Glitch, Pattern, Qualified, Interval, Dropout and Video Triggers
  • 8-bit vertical resolution, 11 with ERES option
  • Fully programmable via GPIB and RS-232-C
  • Automatic PASS/FAIL testing
  • Advanced Signal Processing
  • Internal High Resolution Graphics
  • Specifications & Attributes (Oscilloscopes)
    Form Factor
    500 Mhz
    4 Ch
    Sample Rate
    2 GS/s
    Digital Storage (DSO)

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