Tektronix 11801C

50 GHz, Modular Digital Sampling Oscilloscope
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  • DC To 50 Ghz Bandwidth
  • 7 Ps Rise Time
  • Eight Channels, Expandable to 136 (with SM-11 multi-channel units)
  • High Resolution and Measurement Repeatability
  • 10 Femtosecond Sampling Interval (0.01 ps)
  • Modular Architecture
  • Dual Timebase Allows Multiple Windows
  • FFT
  • Predefined Telecom Masks
  • True Dual-Step Differential TDR
  • Fully Automatic Jitter and Noise Measurements
  • Automatic Statistical Measurements, Histograms and Mask Testing
  • Automatic Pulse Measurements with Statistics
  • Comprehensive Waveform Processing
  • Complete Programmability for ATE Applications
  • Color Display with Color Grading
  • Semiconductor Test
  • TDR Characterization
  • High Speed Digital
  • Data Communication
The 11801C Digital Sampling Oscilloscope
The 11801C Digital Sampling Oscilloscope offers the widest range of on-board measurement and waveform processing capabilities of any multi-Gigahertz scope. With excellent measurement repeatability, exceptional vertical resolution and fast display update rate, the 11801C is a powerful measurement tool for semiconductor testing, TDR characterization of circuit boards, IC packages and cables, and high speed digital data communications.

Modularity Meets Your Needs Now and in the Future
The modular microprocessor-based architecture of the 11801C not only allows you to select the right configuration for your application, but also allows expandability to meet your future measurement needs. The 11801C accepts up to 4 dual-channel sampling heads and can be expanded through the SM-11 Multi-Channel Units to 136 channels. There are currently nine sampling heads to choose from:

SD-14 3 GHz high impedance (100 kilohm/0.475 pF) dual-channel probe sampler
SD-20 20 GHz single-channel loop-through head
SD-22 12.5 GHz dual-channel low noise head
SD-24 20 GHz dual-channel TDR/sampling head
SD-26 20 GHz dual-channel sampling head
SD-32 50 GHz, single-channel sampling head
SD-42 6.4 GHz O/E converter (55 ps optical pulse response FWHM)
SD-44 15 GHz O/E converter
SD-51 20 GHz trigger head
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1R Rack Mount Kit
Specifications & Attributes (Oscilloscopes)
Form Factor
50 Ghz
8 Ch
Digital Sampling

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