Tektronix 2213A

60MHz. 2Ch Oscilloscope
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The 2213A Dual Trace Oscilloscope's single time base delay provides the user with the performance of intensified and delayed sweep operations. This 60 MHz bandwidth scope provides advanced triggering capabilities, sensitivity to 2 mV/div, and sweep speeds to 50 nS/div (plus X10 magnification). Triggering features include variable trigger holdoff, TV line, & TV field at any sweep speed, and peak to peak auto mode; will trigger alternately even with unrelated signals. Features also include Z-axis input, X-Y operation, and large, bright CRT.
Specifications & Attributes (Oscilloscopes)
Form Factor
60 Mhz
2 Ch
Sample Rate
1 GS/s
Digital Phosphor (DPO)

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