Tektronix AM503

Current Probe Amplifier
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  • Displays Current Signals on an Oscilloscope
  • Current Range, Maximum Current, and Bandwidth Determined by the Probe.
  • Allows display of current on any oscilloscope with 10 mV/div sensitivity, 50
  • ohms or 1 M ohm input.
  • Bandwidth can be set to Full (where it is limited by the probe in use) or to 5 MHz.
  • Coupling can be switch selected to ac or dc.
  • Maximum Input Current - 20 A (dc + peak ac) for A6302; 100 A (dc + peak ac) for A6303.
  • Maximum Voltage for Current Under Test (Bare Conductor) - 500 V (dc + peak ac) for A6302; 700 V (dc + peak ac) for A6303.
  • Bandwidth (-3dB) - Dc to at least 50 MHz with A6302; Dc to at least 15 MHz with A6303.
  • Rise Time (Full Bandwidth) - 7 ns or less with A6302; 23 ns or less with A6303.
  • Deflection Factor - 1 mA/div to 5 A/div for A6302; 20 mA/div to 50 A/div for A6303. In a 1-2-5 sequence for both probes.
  • Specifications & Attributes (Oscilloscopes)
    Form Factor
    50 MHz

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