Tektronix TDS3014

100MHz 1.25GS/s 4Ch Digital Phosphor Oscilloscope

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  • 500 MHz, 300 MHz, and 100 MHz Bandwidths
  • Sample Rates up to 5 GS/s
  • 2 or 4 Channels
  • Full VGA Color LCD on all Models
  • Built-in Floppy Disk Drive For Easy Storage and Documentation
  • 21 Automatic Measurements
  • Centronics Port Standard on all Models for Quick, Convenient Hardcopies
  • 9-bit Vertical Resolution
  • Multi-Language User Interface
  • QuickMenu User Interface Mode for Quick, Easy Operation
  • Optional Modules for RS-232, GPIB, LAN or VGA Communication Ports
  • Advanced Triggers, such as, Glitch, Width, and Logic Standard on 4 Channel Models
  • Telecommunications Mask Testing (TMT)
  • Fast Fourier Transform (FFT) for Frequency and Harmonic Analysis Standard on 4 Channel Models
  • Extended Video Application Module
  • Support for Active Probes, Differential Probes, and Current Probes that Provide
  • Automatic Scaling and Units
  • communications Manufacturing (Telecom Mask Test Application Module for Pass/Fail Compliance of ITU-T G.703 and ANSI T1.102 (Up to STS-1 Rates) Standards)
  • Digital Design and Debug
  • Video Design and Service (Video Application Modules Offer Line Count, HDTV and Custom Video Trigger, Video Display Graticules, SDI to Analog Video
  • Conversion with Composite and Component Outputs, Video Picture Identification and Vectorscope)
  • Industrial Electronic Design
  • Power Supply Design
  • Connected Instrumentation (10Base-T LAN, GPIB and VGA Modules with RS-232)
  • Highly Mobile Environments (Optional Battery Pack for Convenient Use in the Field or Away from the Bench)
List of Options
AC3000 Accessory Case
RM3000 Rack Mount Kit
TDS3BAT Battery
TDS3EM Ethernet / RS-232 Module
TDS3GM GPIB / RS-323 Module
TDS3TRIG Trigger Module
Specifications & Attributes (Oscilloscopes)
Form Factor
100 Mhz
4 Ch
Sample Rate
1.25 GS/s
Digital Phosphor (DPO)

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