Tektronix TDS360

200MHz, 2Ch,1GS/s,Digital Real-Time Oscilloscope
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The TDS360 is a great 2 channel general purpose scope. It has the speed, processing power and measurement capability to meet the needs of most any laboratory, test or R&D application. In addition to its high sampling speed for viewing fast real-time single-shot events, we have found the built-in floppy disk drive to be one of the scopes most valuable assets. We depended on this feature for capturing waveform data for engineering and test documentation. The following summarizes a few of the features/specifications of the TDS360 (from Tektronix Data Sheet): SIGNAL ACQUISITION SYSTEM Bandwidth - 200 MHz Channels - 2 Digitizers - 2 Sample Rate – 1 GS/s on each channel Sensitivity – 2 mV to 10 V/div Position Range - ± 5 Divisions Vertical Resolution - 8-bits (256 levels over 10.24 vertical divisions), 11-bits w/averaging. Analog Bandwidth Selections - 20 MHz and full. Input Coupling - AC, DC, or GND Input Impedance Selections - 1 M ohm in parallel with 15 pF, or 50 ohms (AC and DC coupling). Maximum Input Voltage - ± 400 V (DC + peak AC). ACQUISITION MODES Peak Detect, Sample, Envelope, Average TIME BASE SYSTEM Time Bases - Main, Delayed Time/Division Range – 2.5 ns to 5 s/div Record Length Sample points/channel: 1,000 Pre-Trigger Position - Selectable from 0 to 100% of record. TRIGGERING SYSTEM Triggers - Main, Delayed. Main Trigger Modes - Auto, Normal, Single Sequence. Delayed Trigger - Delayed by time Video Trigger Types - NTSC, PAL, SECAM, and Custom; TV Field, field 2 or both. DISPLAY Waveform Style - Dots or vectors, dot or vector accumulation Update Rate - 86 500-point waveforms per sec with infinite persistence mode selected. Graticules - Full, grid, cross hair, frame Format - YT and XY AUTOMATIC WAVEFORM MEASUREMENTS Up to 4 each (simultaneously) of the following: High, Low, Max, Min, Peak-to-peak, Amplitude, +Overshoot, -Overshoot Mean, Cycle Mean, RMS, Cycle RMS Period, Frequency, +Width, -Width, Rise, Fall + Duty Cycle, -Duty Cycle, Burst Width Thresholds - Settable in percentage or voltage. Cursor Measurements - Absolute, Delta Volts, Time, Frequency. Cursor Types - Horizontal bars (volts); Vertical bars (time); paired WAVEFORM PROCESSING Waveform Functions - Interpolate-selectable sin(x)/x or linear. Arithmetic Operators - Add, Subtract, Multiply Autosetup - Single button, automatic setup on selected input signal for vertical, horizontal and trigger systems. STORAGE Waveforms – 2 1,000 point reference waveforms in non-volatile storage. Floppy Drive – 3.5in., 1.44MB or 720K DOS-compatible File Storage Formats – .BMP, .TIF, .PCX, .EPS, Excel & Lotus123 Spreadsheet, MathCAD Setups - 10 front-panel setups in non-volatile storage
List of Options
14 GPIB/RS-232
1F Floppy Drive
Specifications & Attributes (Oscilloscopes)
Form Factor
200 Mhz
2 Ch
Sample Rate
1 GS/s

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