Tektronix TDS460

350 MHz, 4 Ch, 100MS/s, Digitizing oscilloscope
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The TDS460 Digital Storage Oscilloscope provides increased bandwith for accurate measurements on faster signals; Longer record length provides high resolution over long time frames; Easy-to-use scope interface Key applications: Electronic equipment troubleshooting; Automotive design; Mechanical analysis. " Bandwidth: 400MHz " Channels: 4 " Max Sample Rate: 100 MS/s on all channels " Sweep Speeds: 1 ns/div - 20 s/div " Vertical Sensitivity: 1 mV - 10 V " Vertical Resolution: 8 Bits (up to 12 Bits w/Hi-Res) " Record Length: 30K/channel " Standard Advanced Features: 14 Hardcopy Formats, 25 Automatic Measurements, Peak Detect, Roll Mode (triggered and untriggered roll), Pass/Fail Limit Testing, Advanced Signal Processing
List of Options
05 TV Trigger
1F Floppy Drive
1R Rack Mount Kit
Specifications & Attributes (Oscilloscopes)
Form Factor
350 MHz
4 Ch
Sample Rate
100 MS/s
Digital Storage (DSO)

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