Tektronix TDS540A

4 CH. 500 MHz Digitizing Oscilloscope/Monochrome
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The TDS540A Digitizing Oscilloscope is excellent for circuit design, R&D, manufacturing test, and telecommunication applications. " Bandwidth: 500MHz " Samplers: 4 " Channels: 4 " Sample Rate: 1 GS/s (single channel); 500 MS/s (dual channels); 250 MS/s (four channels) " Record Length: 500 to 50,000 points
List of Options
05 Video Trigger HDTV Enhanced Video
13 RS-232/Centronics
1C Telecomm Template Telecommunications
1F Floppy Drive
1K Oscilloscope Cart
1M 50K Memory
1R Rack Mount Kit
23 Add 2 P6205 FET Probes
25 Add 4 SMD Probes P6563AS 20X 500
2F Extended Waveform Math
3P Tek Phaser Color Inkjet Printer
4D Delete 4 Each Standard Probes
95 Calibration Data
96 calibration Certificate
C5 Calibration Service 5 Years
R2 Service Assurance: 2 Years Repair Protection
Specifications & Attributes (Oscilloscopes)
Form Factor
500 Mhz
4 Ch
Sample Rate
500 MS/s

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