Tektronix TDS7404B

4GHz 4CH 20GSa/s Digital Phosphor Oscilloscope
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Features And Benefits
  • 4 GHz, 1 GHz and 500 MHz Bandwidth Models
  • Up to 20 GS/s Real-time Sample Rate
  • Up to 32 Megasamples Memory Depth
  • >400,000 Wfms/Second Maximum Waveform Capture Rate
  • Jitter Measurements to 1 ps RMS
  • Graphical User Interface
  • Control Via Classic Direct Controls, Touch-sensitive Color Display or Mouse
  • Open MS Windows Environment
  • Built-in Networking Applications
  • Verification, Debug and Characterization of Sophisticated Designs
  • Jitter and Timing Analysis
  • Spectral Analysis
  • Disk Drive Analysis
  • Investigation of Transient Phenomena Performance, Simplicity and Connectivity TDS7000 Series oscilloscopes are high performance solutions for verification, debug and characterization of sophisticated electronic designs. The family features exceptional signal acquisition performance, operational simplicity and open connectivity to the design environment. Classic analog-style controls, a large touch-sensitive display and graphical menus provide intuitive control. Open access to the MS Windows operating system enables unprecedented customization and extensibility. Superior Performance TDS7000 models range from 500 MHz to 4 GHz bandwidth with single-shot sample rates to 20 GS/s, meeting demands of the latest high speed logic families and multi-Gigabit communication standards. Acquisition memory options from 2 to 32 Megasamples maximize the value of high sample rate and ensure that critical events are captured with fine detail. High performance jitter analysis to 1 ps RMS is achieved through exceptional trigger and acquisition performance, deep memory and applied software. TDS7000 Series high bandwidth signal access solutions include the P7240 4 GHz (120 ps rise time) active probe and the P7330 3 GHz (< 130 ps rise time, typical, < 140 ps guaranteed) differential probe. Small form-factors and a wide array of tip accessories ensure effectiveness. In addition, the TDS7404 includes the TekConnectTM signal interconnect system. This interface replaces traditional BNC input connectors with a convenient positive-locking interface suitable for higher system bandwidths. P7000 Series probes are directly compatible with TekConnect signal interconnect system along with adapters that provide SMA, BNC and N connections. Digital Phosphor Oscilloscopes Signal observation time is critical for successful discovery of intermittent faults and characterization of complex dynamic signals. TDS7000 Series Digital Phosphor Oscilloscopes incorporate 3rd generation DPX technology to enable maximum waveform capture rates of more than 400,000 waveforms per second. This unprecedented performance allows users to fully visualize signal activity. In troubleshooting applications, Digital Phosphor can save minutes, hours or even days by quickly revealing the nature of faults so sophisticated trigger modes can be applied to isolate them.
  • List of Options
    1K Oscilloscope Cart
    1R Rack Mount Kit
    2M Extended Memory: 8M Max, 2M/CH
    3M 16 Msamples Max, 4 Msamples/ch
    4M 32 Msamples Max, 8 Msamples/ch
    5M 64 Msamples Max, 16 Msamples/ch
    A0 Power Plug/North America Power
    A1 Power Plug/Univer EURO power
    A10 Power Plug/China power
    A2 Power Plug/United Kingdom power
    A3 Power Plug/Australia Power
    A5 Power Plug/Switzerland power
    A6 Power Plug/Japan power
    A99 No power cord or AC adapter
    AFTDS Telecom Differential Electrical Interface Adapter (for line rates <8 MB/s; requires TCA-BNC adapter for TDS7404B
    C3 Calibration Service 3 Years
    C5 Calibration Service 5 Years
    Centronics Cable Order 012-1214-00
    CP2*1 TDSCPM2 ANSI/ITU Telecom Pulse Compliance Testing Software
    D1 Calibration Data Report
    D3 Calibration Data Report 3 Years (with Option C3)
    D5 Calibration Data Report 5 Years (with Option C5)
    DVD TDSDVD Optical Storage Analysis and Measurement Software
    DVI TDSDVI DVI Compliance Test Solution
    ET2 TDSET2 Ethernet Compliance Software
    ET3 TDSET3 Ethernet Compliance Test Software
    FHD Front-panel 40 GB removable hard disk drive, replaces floppy disk drive that goes on the rear panel
    GPIB Cable (1 M) Order 012-0991-01
    GPIB Cable (2 m) Order 012-0991-00
    IBA Infiniband (R) Compliance Module for OPT. RTE
    IBA*3 InfiniBand Compliance Module for Option RTE
    J2 TDSDDM2 Disk Drive Analysis Software
    J3E TDSJIT3E Jitter and Timing Analysis Software-Essentials
    JA3 TDSJIT3 v2.0 Advanced jitter analysis software. Replaces JT3.
    JE3 TDSJIT3 v2.0 Essentials jitter analysis software (Replaces J3E)
    JT3 TDSJIT3 Advanced Jitter Analysis Software
    Keyboard (USB Interface) Order 119-6633-00
    P6139A 500 MHz, 10x Passive Probe
    P6158 3 GHz, 20x Low C Probe
    P6245 1.5 GHz Active Probe
    P6247 1.0 GHz Differential Probe
    P6248 1.7 GHz Differential Probe
    P7240 4 GHz Active Probe
    P7260 6 GHz Active Probe recommended for TDS7404B/TDS7704B
    P7330 3.5 GHz Differential Probe
    P7350 5 GHz Differential Probe recommended for TDS7404B/TDS7704B)
    P7350SMA 5 GHz SMA input Diffferential Probe
    PCE*3 PCI Express Compliance Module for Option RTE
    PW2 TDSPWR2 Power Measurement and Analysis Software
    PW3 TDSPWR3 Power Measurement and Analysis Software
    R3 Repair Service 3 Years (including Warranty)
    R5 Repair Service 5 Years (including warranty)
    RJA Software Bundle of TDSJIT3 (Opt JA3), RT-Eye (Opt RTE), and Protocol Trigger and Decode (Opt PTD)
    RS-232 Cable Order 012-1298-00
    RSA Software Bundle of TDSJIT3 (Opt JA3), RT-Eye (Opt RTE), Serial Mask (Opt SM), Serial Trigger (Opt ST), and Protocol Trigger and Decode (Opt PTD)
    RTE RT-EYE (TM)Serial Data Compliance and Analysis Software
    Service Manual Order 071-0898-xx
    SM Serial Communications Mask Testing
    ST Serial Pattern Trigger
    TCA-1MEG TekConnect High-Impedence Buffer Amplifier
    TCA-BNC TekConnect-to-BNC Adapter
    TCA-N TekConnect-to-N Adapter
    TCA-SMA Tek-Connect-to-SMA Adapter
    TCA75 4 GHz Precision TekConnect 75 ohm to 50 ohm Adapter with 75 ohm BNC Input Connector
    TDSUSBF TDSUSB test fixture for use with Option USB
    Transit Case Order 016-1522-00
    USB USB Compliance Testing
    USB*2 TDSUSBS USB2.0 Compliance Test S/W Only
    WSTRO WaveStar waveform capture and documentation software
    Specifications & Attributes (Oscilloscopes)
    Form Factor
    Plug-In ( /IBA /IBA*3 /PCE*3 )
    4 Ghz
    4 Ch
    Sample Rate
    20 GSa/s
    Digital Phosphor (DPO)

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