Yokogawa 700882

DL2700,8-Ch,2M W/Ch,500MS/s,Digital Oscilloscope
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The DL2700 digital oscilloscope, with a maximum record length of 16 MW, features more than just a long record length. We designed this instrument to facilitate long record measurement work. This digital oscilloscope can efficiently capture abnormal phenomena buried in long data, allowing you to search for and analyze the causes of these abnormal phenomena. We made the record length per channel as long as possible to enable you to carry out efficient troubleshooting. We also designed the instrument to measure data in at least six channels, enabling you to determine the cause and effect relationship between each signal. The instrument also has excellent zoom operability to permit analysis of captured waveforms.
Specifications & Attributes (Oscilloscopes)
Form Factor
8 Ch
Sample Rate
500 MS/s
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