Keysight (Agilent) 70428A

Microwave Source Module
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The Agilent 70428A microwave source module can add microwave source capacity to your MMS system if four slots in the system are available. The Agilent 70428A microwave source module makes an excellent substitute LO for your radar system, phase noise measurement system, or test source for microwave receiver testing. It provides the lowest AM phase noise of any commercially available microwave source and provides up to +16 dBm of output power. The Agilent 70428A requires either the Agilent 70001A mainframe or the Agilent 70004A display.

  • Microwave source with excellent phase noise
  • Output frequency range 2.4 to 25.8 GHz
  • Frequency resolution of 600 MHz
  • Optional frequency resolution of 0.1 Hz
List of Options
002 Add 0.1 Hz frequency resolution

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