Keysight (Agilent) 70590A

No-parts shell module for 70000 MMS
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The Agilent 70590A is a Test System Module Adapter is used with the 70000 series spectrum analyzer modules. It contains external mixers that are used with the rf section in the system. The HP 70590A Options H69 and H72 TMAs (Test Module Adapters) are MATE modules for HP 70000 Series spectrum analyzers. The modules translate CIIL (control intermediate interface language) into the HP 70000 Series native code.
List of Options
H51 LO Distribution Amplifier Module
H61 3 LO Output Distribution Module
H62 Phase Matched Cable set for H61
H69 Test Module Adapters(TMA) provide a calibration switch signal at the rear pane.
H72 Module that switchs the RF and Calibrator signals to the analyzer's RF input
Z40 26.5 - 40 GHz Frequency Range Capability

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