Tektronix 80E02

12.5 GHz 2 Ch module
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  • 12.5 GHz Bandwidth
  • Dual Channel
  • Low Noise Features & Benefits
  • Dual Channel (Except 80E01 and 80E06)
  • Probe Support (Except 80E06) Applications
  • Low-level Signals 80E02 Low-noise Sampling Module
  • The 80E02 is a dual-channel, 12.5 GHz sampling module specifically designed for low-noise measurements in digital communications and device characterization applications. It provides an acquisition rise time of 28 ps and typically 400 ┬ÁVRMS of displayed noise.
  • The 80E02 is the ideal instrument for low-noise applications. Common applications for the 80E02 are capturing and displaying switching characteristics of high-speed communications circuits, making accurate statistical measurements of signal noise and signal timing jitter, or obtaining stable timing measurements of fast digital ICs.

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