Anritsu ML83A

Power Meter, 10MHz to 140GHz
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Microwave Power Meter This device consists of the ML83A power meter and the MA72A/B, MA73A, and MP sensors. It measures power in the microwave to millimeter wave bands with high accuracy and displays the measured values digitally. The power range which can ve measured by this device depends on the sensor used: MA73A Sensor: -60 to -20 dBm Other sensors: -20 to +20 dBm Since the ML83A power meter can be combined with any sensor, it can measure a wide range of frequencies (10 MHz to 140 GHz). This device has these important features as shown below. Wideband The ML83A covers frequencies from 10 MHz to 140 GHz by combining the power meter with several types of sensors. Wide range of power measurement The -60 to +20 dBm power can be measured in frequency range from 10 MHz to 18 GHz by combining the power meter with the MA72A/B sensor. Multiple functions Averaging to improve readout accuracy of low levels Automatic zero adjustment Setting on the front panel of calibration coefficient, attenuation and gain compensating value of the measuring system. Measurement of relative power. Holding of the indicated value. Holding in measurement range as well as in auto-range. Usable at any place because of operation with a power supply of ac, dc, or the battery. GP-IB interface (option) for automatic measurement by remote control. Battery operation the battery pack MZ95A is exclusively used. Excellent interchangeability the power meter can be connected to any sensor without adjustment, which can be selected to suit the purpose. Small dimensions and light weight convenient shape and light weight for good portability.
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