Gigatronics 8542B

Dual channel RF Power Meter

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The Gigatronics 8542B dual channel power meter features GPIB, a frequency range of 10 MHz - 40 GHz (depending on sensor), a Min/Max Display Resolution of 0.001 dB - 1 dB, and a Min/Max Power of 0.001 uW - 50.119 W.

The 8540B Power Meter and 80401A Modulation Sensor have been developed from the 8540 Power Meter and the 80301A CW Power Sensor, in order to provide capabilities needed by the wireless communications industry. The enhancements included in the new models provide for more accurate average power measurement of multi-tone signals, and of other complex modulation signals used in today's cellular base-station and mobile transmitters.

The 8540B is compatible with all sensors used by the 8540, and it performs the same functions as the 8540. Additionally, the 8540B can be used with the 80400 series of sensors, to make accurate average-power measurements of complex signals that involve widely varying amplitudes. (This capability requires both the 8540B and the 80400-series sensor; the 8540B cannot be used in this way without the 80400-series sensor, and that sensor cannot be used with the standard 8540.)

Features of the 8540B include:

  • CW, Modulated, and Peak Power Sensors
  • >2000 readingsisecond in Fast Buffered Mode (GPIB only)
  • 90 dB dynamic range CW sensors
  • &0.5% linearity
  • True dual channel display
  • HP 438A, 437B, and 436 simulation modes (GPIB only)
  • EEPROM based CAI, FACTOR correction sensors
  • Modulated Average Power mode (MAP)
  • Pulse Average Power mode (PAP)
  • Burst Average Power mode (BAP
List of Options
02 Add 256K buffer for Fast Bufferred Mode Power readings stores up to 128000 readings
06 Second Analog Output, -10V to +10V
07 Side Mounted Carrying Handle
Specifications & Attributes (Power Meter)
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