Keysight (Agilent) 81637B

Fast Power Meter
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The 81636B and 81637B Fast Power Meters feature high-speed data acquisition (25┬ÁS) and a high dynamic range (>55dB in a single range without changing range settings). The economic version 81636B is ideal for tasks such as alignment and adjustment. The high performance version 81637B additionally adds very low PDL dependency.

This realizes the ideal solution for e.g. swept lambda applications and the test of PDL critical devices. With one fast single wavelength sweep, WDM component characterization over wavelength is now possible at high speed and a high dynamic range.

  • Data acquisition time: 25 uS
  • Dynamic Range: 90dB (>55dB in a single range)
  • Data storage: 100.000 data points
  • Low Spectral Ripple
Specifications & Attributes (Power Meter)
Form Factor

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