TEGAM 1806

Tegam 1806 Dual Type IV Power Meter

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The Model 1806 is a Dual Type IV Power Meter and Power Transfer Standard temperature controller combination. Metering circuits indicate the status of both the power meters and the temperature of the Standard. Resistance is front panel switch selectable to accommodate either 100 or 200 ohm thermistor Standards. The 1806 measures dc power levels from 0.01 to 30 mW. Used in conjunction with a TEGAM RF Power Transfer Standard and an external digital voltmeter, the Model 1806 serves as a precision power meter for measuring RF power levels and for transferring calibration factors between feedthrough Standards or thermistor type sensors. Additionally, the Model 1806 is ideal for performing insertion loss measurements up to 20 dB. Regardless of the application, all measurements can be directly traced to primary NIST standards. The 1806 can be used with all TEGAM RF Power Transfer Standards and can also be used in place of an HP (Agilent) Model 432 with HP (Agilent) thermistor power sensor Models 478A, 8478A, and 486A (TEGAM cable 138-652 required).

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