Anritsu MA2468D

Power Sensor 10 MHz to 6 GHz

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Description The MA246XD fast diode sensors from Anritsu have a rise time of 0.6 µs. This, together with a sensor video bandwidth of 1.25 MHz, makes them the ideal solution for power measurements on N-CDMA (IS-95) signals. The MA246XD sensors can be used with the ML2407A/08A (obsolete products), ML2430, ML2480, and ML2490 series power meters. This combination of meter and sensor provides fast signal processing and sampling speeds. Average power, peak power and crest factor on N-CDMA signals can be measured and displayed. The MA246XD are dual diode sensors that deliver a greater than 80 dB dynamic range, which makes them suitable for both open and closed-loop power-control testing. Pulses down to 1 µs can also be captured and displayed, thanks to the sensor rise time of 0.6 µs. In profile mode the meter can be used to measure average power across narrow pulses, an increasingly common test method for amplifiers in digitally modulated systems. Features Ideal for measuring CDMA signals Average, peak and crest factor measurements 1.25 MHz video bandwidth

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