Rohde and Schwarz NRT-Z43

Directional Power Sensor, 400 MHz to 4 GHz, 30 W (average value), 75 W (peak)

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The Rohde NRT-Z43 is a Power Sensor. Compared to low-cost instruments, power meters like NRT provide a number of benefits: most importantly high measurement accuracy through excellent directivity and a measurement method that determines the average power like a thermal power meter. The instruments thus provide correct measurement results even in case of modulation or in the presence of several carriers. Power Sensors NRT-Z43/-Z44 feature low insertion loss, very good matching and excellent intermodulation characteristics: the signal to be measured is virtually unaffected, the sensor is fully transparent. Directional power meters are connected between source and load and measure the power flow in both directions. The power applied to the load and the reflection can thus be measured. For mobile use, service, development, production and quality management. Digital sensor interface. Sensor operation directly on PC.
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