Fluke 4265A

Binary Programmable Power Source
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The 4265A Programmable Power Supply incorporates features that are not available in typical programmable power supplies: speed, accuracy, low programming noise, true current limiting, isolated control logic, output proportional to an external reference voltage. This power source can be operated in series or parallel. The 4265A is programmable in straight binary. Current range is ±1 A with regulation of 0.001%. The low voltage range is ±16.383 V with 90-day accuracy of ±100 µV. The high voltage range is ±65.53 V with a 90-day accuracy of ±300 µV.
List of Options
0006 Programmable Current Limit
001 Isolated Control Logic
003 External Reference
005 IEEE-488 Interface
007 100 µV Resolution
009 (BCD/Binary) Multi-strobe Logic
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