Hioki SM7860-22

16-channel Power Source Unit for the SM7810 Super Megohm Meter to Improve MLCC Testing Efficiency
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The SM7860 series allows for setting the dual-line output voltage on 8 channels or 16 channels, and enables up to 32-channel of output. The Hioki SM7860-02/-22 is a 16-channel, 1000V power source for the Hioki SM7810 Super Megohm Meter, providing positive and negative polarities required for MLCC test lines.

  • Support for multi-channel systems up to 32-channel output
  • 16-channel dual-line output voltage setting
  • Positive and negative polarities required for the MLCC test line included in a single unit
  • Output ON/OFF and current limitation can be performed for each channel
  • Support for the discharge of the charge capacitor
  • Output voltage of 1 kV available
  • Large current output of 50 mA*/channel allows for reducing the number of backup charges
  • Output voltage of 1 kV is limited to 10 mA/channel
  • SM7860-02100V AC power supply
  • SM7860-22220V AC power supply

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