Instek PEL-3111

DC Electronic Load 1,050W / 1.5-150V / 210A
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Meets the requirements of high-power supplies

Instek PEL-3000 Series are single-channel, programmable DC electronic loads with 0.01mA current resolution and 16A/┬Ás current slew rate. Static mode provides a fixed load. With Dynamic mode, two test conditions can be switched automatically with ajustable Level, Timing, and Slew Rate. Sequence mode provides a combination of up to 1,000 steps for semi-automated testing.

Flexible power combinations, high-speed, and versatile load simulations

Instek PEL-3000 Series has three stand-alone models with up to 1,050 Watts of load capability. Up to 5 identical units can be wired in parallel to increase the power capability. Additionally, up to four PEL-3211 Watt Booster Units can be wired in parallel with the PEL-3111 to achieve 9,450 Watts of total load capacity.

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