Sorensen XTT15-4

DC Power Supply, 15 V, 4 A, 60 W, Programmable

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The XT Series of linear, regulated DC power supplies provides reliable, high performance solutions for a wide variety of laboratory, development, and system applications. The series consists of six basic models that may be purchased as single units or combined as dual, triple, or quadruple configurations containing any combination of models. (See the chart below for a list of available models.)

Low output noise and ripple, excellent line and load regulation, and a wide variety of options, including analog, RS232 standard, or IEEE-488 controlled programming, make the XT Series the first choice in flexible DC power system design.

  • Simultaneous digital display of both voltage and current.
  • Analog bar graph displays of both voltage and current make it easy to monitor transient changes.
  • Ten-turn potentiometer voltage control allows high resolution setting of the output voltage.
  • Current adjust potentiometer allows current limiting which is fully adjustable from zero to the rated output.
  • Automatic mode crossover into current or voltage mode.
  • Impedance-switched remote sensing allows the voltage at the load to be displayed without switch ambiguity.
  • Optimized output connections with front panel 5-way binding posts plus rear panel barrier strip make access easy when supply is rack mounted.
  • Connect multiple units in parallel or in series. Short-circuit proof outputs.
  • Available in single, dual, triple, and quad outputs. Combine with HPD Series power supplies to form mixed units for applications requiring higher output power.
  • Internal Analog Programming (APG) Interface for analog signal control of voltage and current,
  • overvoltage protection (OVP), master/slave output tracking, and remote ON/OFF.
  • Internal RS232 Interface for serial instrument programming using RS232 protocol.
  • Internal GPIB Interface for complete remote digital programming. IEEE-488 standard.
  • Single Address Multichannel (SAMI) Interface to serial link supplies at one IEEE-488 address. Complete GPIB programming.
  • Optional AC input voltages. Standard is 115V. See Section 1.4.1 Electrical Specifications for a list of input options. AC input cords for use in different countries available.
  • Ten-turn current potentiometer (Option M11). Rack mount kit (Option RM).
  • Non-standard output configurations. Contact the manufacturer.
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