TDK-Lambda EMS600-4

EMS600-4 600 V, 4 Amps, EMS Switch Mode DC Power Supply
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  • Highest Power per cubic inch for wide range, rack mount, CV/CC power supplies in the industry
    • 1.0 kW-2.0 Watts per cubic inch - 506
    • 2.5 kW-2.3 Watts per cubic inch - 1071
    • 5.0 kW-3.1 Watts per cubic inch - 1303
  • CE mark available upon request on selected models
  • 650 microsecond transient response time (models to 20V output)
  • Built in OVP with front panel adjust (models up to 300 V output)
  • Built in thermal protection
  • Constant Current/Constant Voltage with automatic crossover
  • Soft Start
  • Series or parallel, master-slave operation
  • Common programming with TCR, EMHP and ESS series
  • True zero voltage and current availability
  • U/L Recognized

CV/CC Auto Crossover
EMS Power Supplies are high power switch mode AC to DC power supplies for single and three phase input applications where high efficiency, precise regulations and a high degree of packaging

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