Tektronix PS503A

Triple Output Power Supply
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The PS503A Power Supply provides three outputs: +5 V at 1 A, 0 to +20 V, or 0 to -20 V at 1 A (in high-power compartment of TM504 or TM506) or 400 mA (in any standard mainframe compartment). " Independent + and -controls, or dual tracking voltage control " Requires TM-Series Power Module (sold separately)

The PS503A features superior dual-tracking performance, over-voltage protection, and remote resistance programming of voltage. When operated in a high power compartment of a TM504, TM506, or TM5006, the PS503A provides up to 1A from both 0 to 20V supplies. (400 mA in standard compartment).

  • Independent + and - Voltage and Current controls
  • 0V to +/- 20V at 1A (in High Power Compartment)
  • 0V to +/- 20V at 400mA (in Standard Compartment)
  • Fixed Output 5V at 1A

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