Rohde and Schwarz NRV-Z51

18GHz, 100mW Thermal Power Sensor
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Rohde 1031.6507.03 Measurements/Features: With its large variety of power sensors Rohde & Schwarz is able to provide the right tool for power measurements with NRVS, NRVD, URV35 and URV55 base units.15 different types of power sensors in all cover the frequency range from DC to 40 GHz and the power range from 100 pW (-70 dBm) to 30 W (+45 dBm). In addition to thermal sensors, which are ideal as a high-precision reference for any waveform, diode sensors with a dynamic range of more than 80 dB are available. The peak power sensors of the NRV-Z31/-Z32/-Z33 series allow power measurements on TDMA mobile phones to different digital standards as well as measurement of the peak power of pulsed or modulated signals. Thermocouple Power Sensors NRV-Z51 to -Z55: They measure the average power irrespective of the waveform and therefore are also suitable for spread spectrum, IS-95 CDMA and W-CDMA measurements, irrespective of the peak-to-average power ratio of the waveform concerned. Being individually calibrated, these sensors feature an unrivalled linearity over the entire dynamic range.
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18 GHz
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