Tektronix P6339A

Buffered Passive Probe, 500 MHz
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Buffered Passive Probe: P6339A Features & Benefits
  • 300 VRMS CAT II Maximum Input Voltage
  • 8 pF Input Capacitance
  • 10 M© Input Resistance
  • Scope Controlled Parameters
  • Connects to TEKPROBE" III Interface Instruments
  • Compact Probe Tip Compatible with a Wide Range of Tektronix Accessories and Adapters
  • TEKPROBE III Interface Allows Control of Key Probe Parameters
  • Input Gain
  • AC/DC Coupling
  • Bandwidth Limiting
  • DC Offset Applications:
  • General Purpose
  • Digital Design
  • Power Device Characterization
  • Mixed Signal Designed for TEKPROBE III, TDS794D and TDS694C The P6339A 500 MHz Buffered Passive Probe is a revolutionary leap in probe technology. The P6339A's wide dynamic range makes it ideal for general purpose measurement applications. To facilitate SMD probing, the P6339A comes standard with a set of SureFoot® adapters. The compact probe head/tip assembly is compatible with the full line of 3.5 mm (compact) accessories. The P6339A probe is designed exclusively for the TDS794D and TDS694C instruments.
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